Video Interview: Kyuss

Video Interview: Kyuss

Saturday 14th May, 2011 10:16AM

Kyuss, the stoner rock pin up band have finally made their way to NZ playing at Auckland's Powerstation last night and tonight with Wellington on Sunday, and from initial reports it's going to be EPIC!.

Check out this video footage from last night's show and an interview with the band from 3News.

Did you go? Let us know your thoughts below.

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It was good times, I wiggled my booty like a call girl!
Posted by Kevin - anonymous 5 years ago
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Kyuss rocked the Hunter Lounge on Sunday and John Garcia did indeed light up a fat joint onstage! Yuss! epic gig, epic!!!
Posted by Kerry - anonymous 5 years ago
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Awesome concert... Could not stop smiling, very happy!! to have seen these legends.
Posted by sarahsam 5 years ago

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