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NZ Music Month Turns Seven

NZ Music Month Turns Seven

Saturday 24th March, 2007 12:00PM
This year NZ Music Month celebrates its seventh birthday! Its staggering to think that back in 2001 when NZ Music Month began, only 6% of album sales for the month were by NZ acts but within just five years our homegrown acts were making up a whopping 29% of albums sold. The same goes for radio play, the proportion of NZ Music not quite 11% upon NZ Music Month's inception and now regularly sitting in the 20s each May. Regularly hitting these levels has been a major achievement, but equally important has been the transformation of NZ Music Month into something the public can - and love to - participate in to show their support for our top-notch artists around the country and across the genres.

NZ Music Month is back in 2007 and in a pleasant shade of black, so keep an eye out for it as the target is sure to be popping up all over the show - even in strange places you never dreamed of. We will be celebrating its birthday of course, though not with a giant cake, but a massive party featuring some of Aotearoa's hottest acts. Best not to let the cat out of the bag too quickly on that front, but let's just say that it will be a spectacle to be enjoyed by all. Stay tuned for more info... For those of you getting ready to party up large for the whole of May, the NZ Music Month gig guide will be pumping out an enormous list of things to check out in your cultural backyard. The list of live shows is growing daily and can be found at

Throughout May NZ Music Month apparel will once again be on sale at Hallensteins stores up and down the country. The iconic black target t-shirt will make its return alongside an expanded range of cool new NZ Music Month clothing that we will unveil closer to the time, and expect to see on all of you guys! So lets keep trucking along and remember to support and celebrate NZ Music Month this year by buying it, seeing it played live, and cranking up your favourite Kiwi song next time it pops up on your stereo.

Together we can make NZ Music Month 2007 the best one yet!

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