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Friday Flashback: Look Blue Go Purple - Cactus Cat

Friday Flashback: Look Blue Go Purple - Cactus Cat

Friday 11th November, 2011 12:31PM

Since we missed last weeks Friday Flashback due to our sorry state after a certain awards night, we're doubling up this week and what better song to continue our current obsession with summery tunes then Look Blue Go Purple's 'Cactus Cat'. A truly upbeat track this time, it was released in 1986 on the Dunedin based all girl quintet's second EP LBGPEP2.

The video for 'Cactus Cat' is awesome and could easily be passed off as new, especially given the current obsession with cat videos....

An essential part of the Flying Nun back-catalogue, they won't be making an appearance this month for the label's 30th anniversary celebrations but have had a tshirt made to honour them on this special occasion - check it out here.

NZ On Screen have a dedicated Flying Nun section with some great music videos to help pass your Friday - click here to check them out.


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