Download: Si San Jose Compilation Album

Download: Si San Jose Compilation Album

Friday 9th December, 2011 10:00AM

Si San Jose is a label of sorts out of Costa Rica who have put out a free compilation to showcase the underground scene there and it is surprisingly good. Surprising mainly because we had never thought of Costa Rica as a musical designation, more a holiday one and an even better one now we haveheard some of their musical output.

Recorded in a old house in Curridabat without digital aids (ie no computer), the compilation features nine bands who run the gantlet of alternative music genres including post-rock, sludge metal and shoe-gaze. You can stream it via this bandcamp player or click through to download yourself a copy...

For more info on the project - here is an interview with Si San Jose founder and producer Vito Petruzzelli (aka Victor Perez).

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