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So So Modern are back

So So Modern are back

Thursday 7th February, 2008 5:14PM

So So Modern have just arrived back from a 5 month jaunt across Europe, where the band has estimated to have played 100 shows in 11 countries! 1 month and 22 days of that was spent supporting the Robocop Kraus (F'n cool name), playing in venues from ex-nazi buners, abandoned villas in Berlin and Medievil themed discotheques in Spain.

The group have also been busy with a series of 4 seven-inch records through UK label Transgressive Records (birthplace of other indie superstars, Block Party, and Foals). This was a limited pressing named 'Friends and Fires' which contains the 7 songs from their NZ release 'Friendly Fires' plus an additional track from days of old.

A Limited few Friends and Fires seven-inches that will be available for purchase at thier upcoming shows until they are sold out

Although their return to NZ has been a hush until now (to keep the surprise alive for Camp A Low Hum 2008) ,So So Modern will then carry out a mini-tour of the North Island :

Mole Music and The Neocons Present:

So So Modern

Saturday 16th February - Wellington
San Francisco Bath House
With: Holiday with Friends and Tommy Ill

Friday 22nd February - Hamilton
The Yellow Submarine
With: Death in Gaza and MC Stormtroopa

Saturday 23rd February - Auckland
Kings Arms
With: Brand New Math and Phelps and Munro

with possible south Island dates after.


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