Country music fans are in for an acoustic treat this October when four of the nation's top talents hit the road together. Delaney Davidson, Tami Neilson, Barry Saunders and Marlon Williams have announced The Lost Highway tour, which will take them... <span class='readMoreLink'><a href='/news/9854/Delaney-Davidson-Tami-Neilson-Barry-Saunders-and-Marlon-Williams-Announce-Church-Tour.utr'>—more</a></span> 
Recently reformed act Luna have announced their debut New Zealand show for September. The American indie rock group, which was formed in the early 90s by New Zealander Dean Wareham and sonically nodded to the likes of The Velvet Underground, disbanded... <span class='readMoreLink'><a href='/news/9861/Luna-Announce-Debut-New-Zealand-Show.utr'>—more</a></span> 
A slice of New Zealand's musical sub-culture is the focus of new documentary Land Of the Long White Stain. Directed by Claire Duncan aka i.e. crazy, the 30-minute film is stitched together using digital footage and follows genre-bending artists Seth... <span class='readMoreLink'><a href='/news/9879/Watch-Land-Of-The-Long-White-Stain-Music-Documentary.utr'>—more</a></span> 
Recent Spunk signees New Gum Sarn are sharing their beautiful debut album New Gold Mountain. The eight-track offering from the Auckland foursome was recorded and mixed by Sam Hamilton, and then went to Rohan Evans (of Arcade Recordings) for mastering.... <span class='readMoreLink'><a href='/news/9886/Stream-New-Gum-Sarns-Debut-Album-New-Gold-Mountain.utr'>—more</a></span> 
A few weeks ago, Auckland sewerpunks Mucus Kids unveiled their unruly debut EP Mosh For Jesus through local label Powertool Records. The trio, made up of Loz L'estranja (human sounds), Madison Von Uber Rothschild (banging) and Sebasschin Cumball... <span class='readMoreLink'><a href='/news/9873/Interview-Mucus-Kids.utr'>—more</a></span> 
Auckland trio Rackets, who just completed a punishing  20 show tour of Auckland, have released their highly-anticipated new record Walking The Skeleton. Loaded with 12-tracks of "rock music from the heart", the album has been three years... <span class='readMoreLink'><a href='/news/9882/Stream-Rackets-New-Album-Walking-The-Skeleton.utr'>—more</a></span>

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