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The Guilty Office

The Guilty Office

by The Bats

Arch Hill
8.3 / 10
25th November 2008

Reviewed by Undertheradar

Itís The Bats, one of the last true strongholds for the NZ indie sound first gathered up through the Flying Nun stable.

This album is a sparkling little gem filled with instant tunes and light songs that seem to seep into the mind. It's very welcoming.

This is some of The Bats' finest work, with each song turning back on itself and re-offing a new example of an underlining theme. This is what experience can do for a band; knowing when to leave gaps and not fill things up with overboard sounds.

If this album falls on enough ears through the worlds indie circuit it will be a big hit.

Total: 2
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thanks for the lovely review. There's a bit of dark shit in there too.
Hope folks can make to our gigs.
We're playing Al's in Chc on 11th, Cassette#9 in Ak on 12th and The Adelaide in Welli on 13th Dec. Dunedin, like the rest of the world will have to wait till next year. The Bats
Posted by 5190 8 years ago

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I can't wait to hear it - and nothing is going to stop me from making the Welly gig! Seen two Bats gigs, got all the albums, and after this long the (very real) fear arises that there won't be another performance, another disc. Thanks for the fix!
Posted by 6347 8 years ago

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