Album Review

The Ribbon

The Ribbon

by The Ribbon

Nude Music
7.7 / 10
25th November 2008

Reviewed by Undertheradar

This album made me shiver. Not in a bad way but some of the effects on the voice made me think of Poltergeist (that scary 80s movie.

But scaring isnít really The Ribbon's intention. It is to kind of knock you a little to the left and make you listen just a little harder.

I really like the guitaring over top Ė wonderfully simple and effective. Almost perfect Kraut with no hint of ever changing.

They remind me of Auckland duo the Fanatics but a softer smoother affair, with a lighter dance floor sound and at times it's more noise based.

Fans of Pig Out, TV On the Radio and anything dark-dance-electro will like this.