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Album Review
Dead cities, Red Seas & Lost Ghosts

Dead cities, Red Seas & Lost Ghosts
by M83


Review Date
26th April 2009
Reviewed by

M83 arenít what you think. Youíve probably heard their big synth pop number Kim and Jessie that has shot them into everyoneís festival check sheet, but whatís really behind this band is a very in depth look at synth music.

This new album is really a step away from stock standard songs electing for a more flowing build and release type structure with sprinkler type layers being pored one after another until a full sonic spectrum has been met.

Itís an album full of twists and turns, a bit like a pick a path, but there is no wrong parts. Songs like America are about as stadium as this band sounds now but instead of electing for the chorus itís a bombardment of vocal samples and star wars type filter sweeps.

Anyone into twisting that squarewave needs to hear this to learn how dynamics really can work.

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