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I Feel Cream

I Feel Cream

by Peaches

7.2 / 10
12th May 2009

Reviewed by Undertheradar

I always feel a little uncomfortable with Peaches' album titles but not in a bad way, but more ‘oh no visuals coming to mind..’

This album is as stroppy and confrontational as all her previous efforts with the opener Serpentine “I’ve done my dash with Electroclash” opening lyric perhaps pointing at direction with 20 something f**k words in the first song.

It is still close proximity music, which means it's best suited for audiences where she can make eye contact, and that would be the ideal way to digest Peaches. It’s really music that needs interaction and reaction.

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Peaches always knows how to bring the true woman out of you......
Wickedly sensational x x x
Posted by 6460 7 years ago

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