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Album Review
The Eternal

The Eternal
by Sonic Youth


Review Date
10th June 09
Reviewed by

Itís a time for rock heroes again with one band that is the living example of sticking to their word and never leaving the path theyíve made you follow for over 20 years.

Sonic youth have had a very circular career with a pivot forming at Washing Machine almost leading them into a light jazz sort rock area, they have steadily climbed back to be a band to be revered for their almost in-your-face art rock.

So how the hell can this album from a bunch 40 somethingís be any good? Freedom. Freedom to write what ever they want, record how and when they want and control the entire creative experience. Theyíve done this with their last record deal with  Major Geffin but now they are securely embraced back into the independents via Matador a new sheen seems to be over the band.

They kick off with a typically discordant noise and separate time signature parts as if to stamp their intentions of indie, but quickly careers into more ambient pastures, before veering back onto quirky pop angles, but the biggest surprise is after a few songs. Thereís a definite heavy element to this album, almost riffy in parts with a stabby aggression normally reserved for teens itís as though their instruments are still in control.

I'm so glad bands like this are around to prove that music is timeless, and when executed with passion and without compromise, itís a truly powerful thing.

Canít recommend enough.

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