Album Review



by The Flaming Lips

8.9 / 10
11th November 2009

Reviewed by AW

I was pretty eager to check out this album, I’d heard it was “different” and while I really like The Flaming Lips, they are after all my favourite BDO act of all time, they’ve never been a “let’s sit down and listen to an entire album” type of band for me. That was until this record, I put on Embryonic once and even though it’s and epic 18 songs long I couldn’t get enough and put it on again and again for a whole afternoon.

It is the whole package, a real journey, kicking off with a krautrock number reminiscent of Can and delving into a psychedelic soundscape that could easily be mistaken for the soundtrack of some crazy 60s movie you’d find at the Incredibly Strange Film Festival. It’s refreshingly different to other releases out at the moment and most surprisingly, it’s coming from a band that has been around since the late 80s!

Definitely check it out – highly recommended.