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Album Review
So Many Enemies

So Many Enemies
by Yokel Ono


Review Date
12th July 2008
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Yokel Ono are somewhat of an enigma in Auckland. The duo (once trio) from Hamiltron has been playing every nook and cranny in NZ and Aussie for over 6 years.

This is their long promised EP and true to their dedication and take no prisoners attitude this recording is the holy trinity of Auckland indie rock.

True it might be that this gets over looked for many years to come, but inevitably it will be revered.

4 songs all named after Harry Potter, and with a fury that an army couldn’t produce they hammer their outlook out on tape, glorious tape as a simple 2 piece.

Now don’t draw comparisons to *yawn* the White Stripes, their sound is OWNED.

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