The Enright House: Cat And Bird Split 7" (Free Download!)

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The Cat and Bird 7" is a very limited edition split between The Enright House and the late Break Mission Kills. This collaboration, however, is more of a marriage than a split, with each bandís derelict post-pop aesthetic supporting the otherís. The entire run is limited to 100 copies, though the record (and bonus tracks) can be downloaded for free at

TEH + BMK were thrilled to work with Peter King, who has been cutting his distinctive transparent records for over 20 years in his rural Ashburton workshop. King has worked with hundreds of bands, from local unknowns to international acts such as The Beastie Boys, Pavement, and Lee Ranaldo of Sonic Youth. Building each lathe-cutting device out of rough-and-tumble electronics and washing machine parts, Kingís polycarbonate discs are almost artisanal, individualized works of lo-fi art.

The Cat and Bird 7" is the most recent part of a frantic and frenzied year for TEH, following the release of 2007ís A Maze and Amazement LP and three music videos, the completion of a national album release tour, an acoustic South Island tour, and festival appearances at Camp A Low Hum and Southern Amp.

The next year promises even more projects, including the release of a new album at the end of 2008, a few boutique shows in Japan, and a relocation to the United States around the turn of the year, followed by extensive tours up and down America.

To purchase the lathe cut in New Zealand, just visit TEH Trade Me listings page, where they always have a copy up for grabs at a mere $10 NZD. If you want to order the record from oversees, just hang tight a wee bit longer, as theyíre currently setting up a little paypal shop, which will make it a lot easier and safer for you to trade.

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