Dirt and Stars

Date Added : 28th October, 2013 @ 21:28

Dear Friends

We are back with the release of "limited edition" E.P entitled "DIRT and STARS" with new tracks as a taster towards the next album. The E.P. is a genre-hopping mix of Parliament styled Sci-Fi Cosmic funk-slop, fused next to alt-country gospel tunes, furious guitar fuelled full-metal soul, Led Zeppelin meets Motown type hootenanny’s and raw midnight slow-burners all wrapped up in a sound so live and vital it'll pin you to the back wall, steal your cigarettes and waltz off, just like that, with your girlfriend/boyfriend. It’s that cocky!!!!

$12.95 from the site via PAYPAL. Geez you are lucky we got to you in time!!!!!

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    28th October, 2013 @ 21:28