Amplifier review: Angels and Demons is a fascinating album.

Date Added : 28th October, 2013 @ 21:28

Cybiont - Angels and Demons

Angels and Demons is a fascinating album. Cybiont's accent may put some people off at first but a few listens is needed to truly appreciate what he is doing here. The music itself is psychedelic, atmospheric and experimental in parts. This is the kind of music that demands your full attention. Not easily definable, Angels and Demons is full of different sounds that writhe together to form some of the most intriguing songs I've heard. There are elements of rock, reminiscent of 70's bands and Cybiont is proficient in the more traditional elements of musicianship. It is definitely the more alternative aspects of the music that inspires repeated listens, as well as the lyrics.

More like poetry, the lyrics explore the human condition, spirituality and human nature. Concerned with the planet, poverty, tyranny, injustice, love, the human soul and a host of spiritual concerns, the lyrics coupled with the music combine to make a listening experience.
For instance track 2, Hold On, is all about holding on to your humanity. The verses are bleak and punishing with a relentless drum beat but then the chorus is uplifting and hopeful. The music perfectly reflects the emotion and meaning of the lyrics. Demon on My Shoulder is darker and more disturbing. Cybiont's voice sounds menacing as the music and sound escalates. The very next song however, Angel in My Closet, is more mournful. It starts of sad and sorrowful but as Cybiont sings about letting love be free, the music builds and becomes joyous.

Angels and Demons is a refreshingly unique offering of spiritual and insightful lyrics, coupled intelligently with amazing, layered music and sounds. The emotion inherent on the songs is undeniable as is the honesty of the lyrics in reflecting the thoughts, feelings, observations and spiritual beliefs of Cybiont.

Reviewed for Amplifier by Jo Tindling

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