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Date Added : 28th October, 2013 @ 21:28

Cybiont: Cybiont 3: Music from a Living Universe & Dark Side of My Spoon (2010)

The first few bars into Cybiont’s music, and you’re hit with the realness of it; it’s so authentic it practically lactates, which is one reason why Gregor recommended Cybiont’s last album, Angels & Demons, back in July. This new CD is no slouch either, delivering all the evocative thrills and twists and turns of altered consciousness you can achieve this side of dropping acid.

In the lyrics you can really hear the influence of French thinker Joel de Rosnay, whose philosophy is basically an optimistic one: he asserts that the next evolutionary step is the formation of a giant brain made out of—well, practically everything. And even if you think the theory is cracked, you have to admit it presents a fascinating realm of exploration, especially if the belief is as sincere as Cybiont’s and the landscape is described as invitingly.

The instrumentation as well as the bits and pieces are highly eclectic, but Cybiont doesn’t throw the whole pantry into the pot and call himself a chef; every element is chosen with care and with a sharp intuition of what will work. His art is as integrated as his philosophy.

Such optimism is delightfully incongruous in music whose general tone recalls the darker, danker elements of Nick Cave, The Cure, and the Velvet Underground.

Just watch what happens to music now.

Wanda Waterman St.Louis

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