Overture, video, more gigs for the Sven Olsen collective

Date Added : 28th October, 2013 @ 21:28

15 piece Auckland/Wellignton/Tauranga music collective Sven Olsen's Brutal Canadian Love Saga are shooting a music video for their song Lighting Store to be made by animator/filmmaker/guitarist Jacob Perkins.

The multi-faceted, obscure group have also signed up to play a couple more gigs - one at Happy in Wellington on Feb 26 and a week later at the Newtown Festival.

New singers and string players are being recruited which could swell their ranks even further.

In another left-field move, the band has written a musical overture containing pieces of all their tunes which will introduce their show in a way that hasn't been used since musicals in the 1950s!

A number of them have also started work on an illustrated almanac of Wellington.

The band plan to head down south in their own bus with poets and fans in tow later in the year.

"This is our last shot at obscurity," says singer Nigel Beckford, "and we don't intend to waste it."

To keep in touch or join in head to their facebook or band camp

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