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Date Added : 28th October, 2013 @ 21:28

Sven Olsen's Brutal Canadian Love Saga's have just a new video for their single Lighting Store.

The surreal film was all shot using stills camera and then painstakingly animated.

The film is set on the rocky south coast of Wellington and features well-known actor musician Fraser Ross as a sleepwalker.

The film was self produced and funded by the Svens Nigel Beckford and Clyde Clemett and shot and edited over six weeks by Sven guitarist/filmmaker Jacob Perkins.

The film is the latest piece from the Wellington-based 15 piece at and music collective. Late last year, the group put out two CDs and an 80pp book of lyrics all packaged up in a hand decorated pizza box.

They have since sold 300 pizza boxes by word of mouth.

The group which has a rotating cast of over 20 singers, string players and guitarists will start recording new material shortly.

The YouTube link is below ... and here

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