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Lost Rockets Release Debut EP

Date Added : 28th October, 2013 @ 21:28

Lost Rockets channel the spirit of New Zealandís finest noisy bands from years gone by. Combine one part 3Ds, one part HDU and add a dash of Bailterspace to the mix and the result is a maelstrom of distortion, feedback and driving, unstoppable rhythms; a musical landscape whose nature is distinctly New Zealand.

Since forming in early 2007 from the ashes of local favourites Dr. What, Lost Rockets have had a tumultuous history, going through more line-up changes than seemed possible. At various times the band has been compromised of members from the DHDFDs, Surf City, Sherpa and god bows to math, the one constant being songwriter and driving force Sam Vercoe.

Fast forward to 2011 and Vercoe has been joined by Paul Brown (bass) and Thomas Morrison (drums), a ferocious rhythm section with a shared passion and sonic vision for the music.

Unleashing a blisteringly intense self-titled EP recorded by Nich Cunningham (Theives) and mastered by Angus McNoughton (Street Chant) the band have finally returned to the live arena. Building on a history of sporadic but well-received shows across the country Lost Rockets are now firing on all cylinders, unleashing their distinctive brand of sonic rock on a public whose jaws are inevitably left on the venue floor.

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