Tarway Magazine says: 'This is the best kind of music'

Date Added : 28th October, 2013 @ 21:28

So Much Work for Love

Having never heard the music majestic NZ duo Cybiont have produced over the years, a chance experience of their latest release was a shock to the senses. In a good way.
The unsigned band’s sound ranges in likeness from growly Tom Waits to surly Nick Cave, from mystical David Bowie (during his Major Tom phase) to the upbeat ambience of Roxy Music. Others may say this is way off the mark, as the music appears to be left up to interpretation. This is the best kind of music.
The sound cannot be caught or tamed. Each song is different, the album a journey, and the instrumental combinations do not sit still long enough to be given a genre.
The lyrics are all about love and regret. If you have had a hectic week, lie back, close your eyes and let Cybiont revive your soul – LIBBY KISSICK

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