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The Veils

The Veils

Interviewed by
Ben Coley
Tuesday 30th August, 2016 10:57AM

Helmed by ex-pat Finn Andrews, London-based group The Veils have just unleashed their eagerly-anticipated fifth studio album Total Depravity to the world. Created in conjunction hip hop producer extraordinaire and long-time Veils fan El-P, the group took a new approach with Total Depravity that was the catalyst for a stylistic shift in the band’s sound - which is demonstrated full-force on the amazing first single ‘Axolotl’.

Ahead of the record’s official release, UnderTheRadar spoke with Finn to find out what went into the inner makings of Total Depravity, what it was like working with El-P, and some inside goss their cameo on the new Twin Peaks series with David Lynch

Hey Finn, how are you?

Yeah, I’m a good. I’m here in London and just getting myself ready for the album release.

You worked with El-P on this album and it seems as if it was a real collaborative effort. How did the recording of Total Depravity differ to previous albums?

We had a lot more time to work on this album. I was going into my studio everyday and working from 9-5, that was something I had never done before. It was great working with so many different people like El-P and Adam Greenspan. I was carrying backpacks with hard-drives all around the place and it was really exciting, but also nerve wracking. Meeting El-P felt like it came along at the right time. Initially we met as friends and then it seemed obvious that we should make something together. I really enjoyed the interaction that went into it. We followed the fence and it all just came together nicely. We ended up with something really great. We could have easily made a record in the way that we have in the past, but there were some nice little accidents which happened along the way that took it in a different direction.

Total Depravity
seems quite dark thematically. How were you feeling during the recording process. Was this something you were aiming for?

Well we’ve never been a party band, haha. I think it was a case of us, along with the help of El-P, pushing ourselves to go to the most extreme points of what we do. I think there is a lot of light and shade in the record. A whole album of songs that sound like ‘Axolotl’ would be a very different album and we definitely tried to contrast it. At points it’s a very violent and aggressive record, but in places it has some very intimate moments as well.

How did you decide on the name Total Depravity?

I’m someone who likes to write lists and had pages of names scribbled down. It came to a point near the end where I had about 10 minutes to choose a name. Of course I went back to one of the first names that I wrote down about a year-and-a-half ago, which was Total Depravity. It fit well and summed up the album nicely.

Tell me a little more about the album artwork by Nicola Samori. It’s amazing. What made you choose it?

I was in Florence and some friends of mine recommended we check out his work. I initially got depressed when I saw it, because I knew it was so perfect for the record and I didn’t think he would be keen. When we got in touch he was really into the idea and was so accommodating of the whole thing, it was great. I have always been a fan of taking something and chipping away at it and that picture puts across that idea and the way the record sounds.

Do you get nervous before releasing an album or is it mainly an exciting time?

There is certainly a bit of nerves. We had the luxury of time with this album and I felt by the end of it we had made the album that we wanted to make. I wrote a lot of songs and we recorded way more songs than we needed. I suppose that gives me confidence because if people don’t like it I can say to myself I wouldn’t have done anything differently. With the last record it felt like there were some things I would have done differently, but at the time it was just impossible. I guess overall I’m feeling confident and the first reviews have been positive. I’ll get a good kicking at some point, which I am bracing myself for, but I’m trying to remain calm.

The album is coming out with Nettwerk Records. How did your relationship with them come about?

They approached us to put the last record out. That was only once we had finished it and it would have meant pushing the release date back about six months. I would have gone out of my mind if we had to do that. They are based in LA which is where we spend a lot of time and we stayed in touch with them, so it all worked out this time around.

This will be the first album that will be mainly listened to through streaming services, how do you feel about that?

I honestly don’t really think much about how the music will eventually be consumed. I still make records thinking about them as a whole; complete with a beginning, middle and end. I think it’s a shame that lot’s of bands get fucked over mercilessly, but other than that it’s good that people can easily listen to the music. Streaming is a strange model for the artists.

Are you looking forward to getting out and touring?

Yeah, that will be the fun bit. We will start rehearsing soon and then we go out through Europe and North America later in the year. None of the record has been played live, so it’s really exciting to try find a place for the more electronic elements of the record, along with the more organic traditional sounds. I went to see Run The Jewels a few months ago and it was exciting seeing what you can do to people with bass frequencies. I’m really wanting to utilise that as much as possible. We have always had quite an extreme live shows and having five records to choose from is also a nice little moment as well. It doesn’t seem like long ago that we only had one record.

Finally, You’re involved with the new season of Twin Peaks and the band have a role as well. I know contractually you aren’t allowed to say much, but if you can sum up the experience in five words how would you describe it?

David Lynch with megaphone, Awesome!

Total Depravity is being released Friday 26th August via Nettwerk Records


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