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Video: The Situations - No Worries (UTR Premiere)

Video: The Situations - No Worries (UTR Premiere)

Thursday 7th July, 2016 9:29AM

Rock 'n' roll outfit The Situations have emerged with a video for 'No Worries', the energetic closer from their sophomore offering Forever Scene Changes. Surfacing nearly a year after the record's release, the video is well worth the wait - just like everything the South Auckland-based band do. Directed by their 13-year-old friend Forrest, it's a kaleidoscopic romp through the song's lyrics that makes the perfect visual accompaniment to the group's lo-fi sonics and devil-may-care aesthetic. Check it out below and then read our interview with drummer/vocalist Stu Kett about how it was all cooked up...

Hey! so we heard the video was made by your 12-year-old friend Forrest, how did that all come together?

Hey, well we've known Forrest since he was a baby as he is the son of a friend of Bob Frisbee's and ours. Bob mentioned to us that Forrest had been doing some cool animation videos and posting them to YouTube. We checked some of it out and they were great. So yeah, we asked him to do the video, he agreed, and we're real happy with the results. Forrest is 13 now by the way.

It’s cool how the idea fits with The Situations pre-existing aesthetic, like the Forever Scene Changes cover art. Who came up with the concept?

A lot of the imagery in the video relates to the lyrical content of the song but the general ideas were driven by Forrest in collaboration with Glen and Stu. The hand drawn animation all comes from the hand and mind of young Forrest.

Were there any stand out challenges you encountered while making the clip?

No it came together really easily. Glen got quite cold lying on the concrete floor but Forrest eventually provided him with a small fan heater when he started turning blue. Glen didn't really enjoy being strangled by a microphone lead or being force fed bananas and 3 day old stale beer, but that wasn't a problem for the rest of us.

What made you guys choose ‘No Worries’ from all the songs on the album to make a video for?

It's a nice easy, straight forward and immediate song that sums up our attitude as a band at this stage. Seeing as we're kind of coming to the end of the cycle with the Forever Scene Changes record it seems like a good full stop/exclamation point for that particular era.

There was a long gap between album number one and two - about eight years - but word has it number three is on its way already. What’s the news?

Yip - Samuel (our bass player/boss) is in the country for a couple of months before moving to Shanghai so we've got some time with all of us together to work the new album over. We did some tracking for it in late 2015 so the foundations have been laid and its sounding good to us. The aim is for it to come out in about one eighth of the time it took between our first and second records.

You can catch The Situations this Saturday 9th July at Whammy Bar in Auckland where they will be performing alongside
Beach Pigs, Trip Pony and Charlie Freak. Head over here for more information.

And later this month The Situations will be performing at DarkSpace Festival in Christchurch with Shaft, Nakey, Minisnap and Wurld Series. The festival takes place on Friday 29th July across Darkroom and Space Academy. More details on that over here.


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