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Listen: Human Resource - Dearth (UTR Premiere)

Listen: Human Resource - Dearth (UTR Premiere)

Friday 28th October, 2016 9:20AM

Auckland post-hardcore outfit Human Resource are unleashing their first official single 'Dearth' as they ready to release their debut EP next year. The four-piece, which brings together members of Dial, Collapsing Cities, HDSPNS and Saturnian Noise Collective, have been playing live since late 2015 - having united not only by their musical ventures, but also in their combined interest in 'de-masking the "human face" of capitalism', as they explain below. Take a listen to 'Dearth' and then read our interview with the band...

Hello! First off can you please introduce us to Human Resource, who you are and what you do?

Hey, Human Resource is Tali Williams (vocals), Stephen Parry (bass), Liam Kiely (guitar), and Richard Dugdale (drums). We make confrontational music.

A few of you have ties to unions, has that had any impact on the music you make? The name Human Resource would suggest so...

Tali, Stephen and Liam met working together at First Union as organisers and all of us are interested in overthrowing capitalism. As unionists, the name came from our antagonistic relationship with the HR Departments for large corporates and the flowery words they use to cover dastardly behaviour. We became fascinated with un-masking this so called ‘human’ face of capitalism and exposing it for what it truly is.

Today you’re letting loose ‘Dearth’ which I believe is your first proper official single? What’s it about?

'Dearth' documents the journey of a Palestinian woman, wrenched from her home by the ravages of occupation and plunged into total chaos, uncertainty and fear of what will happen next. The song evokes the devastating moments before someone can find hope and strength again with others, with family, with a community, some sort of solidarity or peace.

The track is part of a EP coming out soon? Can you tell us more about that… where it was recorded and where we can find it??

The EP will be out in early 2017 and we'll be doing an Australasian Tour in February/March. We worked with Rohan Evans of Arcade Recordings and Wine Cellar and recorded it mostly live at The Wine Cellar. It was important for us to work with someone who has an understanding of our music and who we were comfortable with. We're excited to be making music together and playing shows with amazing bands. It also matters to us to be a band that challenges the dominant ideologies.

Dearth is from an as-yet-untitled album that will be pressed to vinyl and released in early 2017 accompanied by an Australasian tour

Photo by Keith Dador


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