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Stream The Long-Awaited EP 'Tumor' From Auckland's Couchmaster (+ Interview)

Stream The Long-Awaited EP 'Tumor' From Auckland's Couchmaster (+ Interview)

Thursday 25th May, 2017 12:27PM

After an unusually lengthy gestation period genre-defying outfit Couchmaster have finally cut loose their first (and possibly last) EP, Tumor. The settee-loving group, which has had a rotating cast of members during their existence, will be celebrating the EP's long awaited liberation this Friday with a show at Whammy Bar, where they will be joined by local acts Bozo, Thousand Island and Wellington solo artist Voe. Ahead of the show we wanted to get a bit of a post-operative on how Tumor came together, so we dropped a line to drummer and vocalist Rachael Charlie. Read the interview while you sink your teeth into the EP below...

So, Couchmaster is the name of a 1995 album by The Bats. Are you guys big fans or are you just territorial in your telly watching habits?

The Bats are cool, so are all the Flying Nun bands. I guess we are pretty strongly influenced by that whole scene, just like most Auckland bands haha, it’s hard not to be! But as far as I am aware the name is more referring to our sublime couch sitting (not necessarily telly watching) habits. Besides, I have always considered Rikki to be THE Couch Master.

Speaking of names, your imminent EP is dubbed Tumor. I’m guessing that’s getting at a metaphorical tumor?

Yes, metaphorical. For us it speaks to how damn long it took for us to peel this music from our backs. The band has gone through so many members, moods, experiences, that it took a while for us to fully understand the songs, to feel that they expressed enough of what we feel when we play them.

Where was the EP recorded and whose talents did you beseech in the engineering department?

The EP was recorded entirely in Rikki’s old living room (a space which had two of the best couches my bottom has had the pleasure of gracing) over… five years? Most of the tracking was done with just Rikki (guitars, vocals, keyboard) and I (drums and vocals). Then later on in Couchmaster’s life, Adison (Whitley - NIISA, Heroes For Sale, also secretly David Adison - not sure if I’m allowed to say that…) came along and added some guitar tracks and Reuben (Winter - Totems, Milk, NIISA) laid down bass on ‘bruises on your bruises and ‘master mirror’.

Rikki engineered and mixed the whole danm thing himself and we got our dearest friend Elliot (Lawless - Greenfog, Her Desher) to master it for us.

You've also just dropped a video [see below!!] for the tune ‘Psychogenic Fugue’ that comprised of film noir visuals. What was the attraction to that aesthetic?

When it came to making the video, Rikki just sent me a pile of really beautiful stock footage all shot on film. This is the first video I have ever made so it was a really nice parameter to work with. It enabled me to focus on rhythm and less on the imagery I was cutting together and colour. It mostly oozed out of me subconsciously, and now watching it all finished, I can see a narrative within the content of the videos, which is cool. Seems to suit the song somewhat hah. Also black and white is HOT imo, also, selfie videos <3.

Your EP release show is this Friday at Whammy. Tell us a little about what audiences can expect from yourselves and other bands playing?

We are going to be playing the EP from start to finish with our cool new band comprised of Daisy (Wells - Petritchor, lskse_), Scott (Kendall - Greenfog, Naenae Express, Terracotta Cat, Her Desher), Adison, Rikki and I. I think one of the reasons this took so long for us to feel comfortable releasing is; the music we are making sounds better live (in my opinion at least). Its both loud and nasty, pretty and warm, long and jammy, lots of ~PEDALS~.

Thousand Island is a band featuring old dogs Bradley Artist, Callum Gunn, Samuel Walsh and David Coffey. You would have seen these chaps in such bands as Xuri Cruz, Brand New Math, Sere, Long Distance Runner, No Aloha. I have no idea what they will sound like but their souls are beautiful and their musical pedigree is STRONG.

Voe has been described to me as “sullen folky dad rock” but if you want to check them out before this show, they are playing this Thursday night with Naenae Express, Siobahn Leilani and Charlie (me…) at Wine Cellar ;).

We thought it would be nice to make this show ~refreshing~ by having newer bands (except for the superb BOZO). It gets a bit boring going to a gig knowing EXACTLY what you are going to hear. Just come, it’ll be sick, promise.

Couchmaster's EP release show is this Friday 26th May at Whammy Bar in Auckland, where they will be joined by Bozo, Thousand Island and Voe. Head over here for more information.


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