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Premiere: Embedded Figures Releases 'Le Tre Arterie' Video Trilogy

Premiere: Embedded Figures Releases 'Le Tre Arterie' Video Trilogy

Thursday 10th August, 2017 1:42PM

Dunedin synthwave artist Bianca Skye aka Embedded Figures has teamed up with Auckland's Ducklingmonster for an audiovisual collaboration entitled Le Tre Arterie, which we are delighted to unveil here today. The songs are part of Embedded Figures' upcoming full-length album Dark Artery, but have been bound together by the videos that are loosely based on supernatural horror trilogy Le Tre Madri (or, The Three Mothers) by Italian director Dario Argento - each video having a central female figure that possesses a different architectural setting. Speaking to the genesis of the trilogy, Embedded Figures told UTR:

“The three singles that make up Le Tre Arterie are ‘Teen Vamp’ (written in the midst of chest pains that made it difficult to sing and complete work on the Dark Artery release); ‘Nucleus’ (about personal space in public spaces - like on the dancefloor!); and‘Bully’ (the theme is all in the title, really!). Early on in the collaboration, I sent Ducklingmonster a bunch of random pics that I associated with the songs. Although I wouldn’t have thought of Le Tre Madri, the images I sent her were very close to the Argento-esque colour palette and visual story she had in mind when she heard the Embedded Figures’ tracks. The Le Tre Madri theme immediately resonated with me. I come from a theatre background so I love the dark neon lighting of Argento’s films, the lines, the shadows, and the exaggerated acting style. If I tie that in with my music, I tend to take moments from daily life and magnify them beyond recognition. At the “heart” of each track is a figure in a daily setting that becomes increasingly distorted.”

Speaking to the videos' creation, Ducklingmonster added:

“Visualising the dark fable lyrics and structural synth lines of Embedded Figures, I wanted to make a trilogy of videos in which a central femme fatale figure possesses different architectural settings. The videos are loosely based on Dario Argento's Le Tre Madri trilogy, utilising expressionistic colour, light, and sharp distortions. The video content is found footage from a public domain digital archive of mid-century educational and industrial film. One of the videos combines footage of Embedded Figures playing live while the other two videos are projected over the club stage. The collaged film gives each video in the trilogy its own ambiguous realm.”

Buckle in an enjoy the trilogy below, starting with 'Teen Vamp'...


Followed by 'Nucleus'...


And finally, 'Bully'...


A limited run of Le Tre Arterie 10” lathe cut records is currently in production.


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