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Auckland Rapper Lion Dixon Shares 'I Can't Be Stopped!' EP

Auckland Rapper Lion Dixon Shares 'I Can't Be Stopped!' EP

Tuesday 14th November, 2017 10:47AM

Auckland via Rarotonga hip hop artist Lion Dixon (aka Dalyan RD) has dropped a four song collection titled I Can't Be Stopped. The EP includes catchy tune ’Love React’ which was recorded during his recent Grow Room Sessions held at Onehunga’s fabulous Hard To Find Books store, and is available online for the first time. The rest of the collection is comprised of singles previously available via Soundcloud, Lion Dixon dished the dirt on how I Can't Be Stopped came together…

“Those songs were made throughout 2016, in the spare time I wasn't using to work on the songs for my main project that year ‘You Just Had To Be There’. They were uploaded to Soundcloud within the same hour they were produced and recorded. Just hard n fast 'get the raps off my chest and forget about them' kinda buzz. You'll have an extended collection of songs from me before the year is done too. Das all I'll say on that lol. Summer songs.”


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