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Album Review

by Left Or Right


Review Date
9th October 2014
Reviewed by
Ricardo Kerr

Like clockwork, every three years the stars align and the mythical beast they call Left or Right wake from their nuggety slumber and slip a new slice of buzzy music right into the hands of the faithful. Once more reggae, funk, seedy jazz, and blistering stoner rock get thrown into the kitchen blender and the results can only be described one way: Trippy.

The major difference between Trippy and either of their previous records would be the increased attention put towards creating tight, storytelling songs. Whereas before many tracks sprawled well beyond the seven-minute mark - attempting to cram in as many mood, chord, and genre changes as possible – this time around the band’s focus is much more precise. Every song has its own narrative and its own characters and a redoubled sense of economy about them.

These boys still love to inflict a good jamming buzz on the people, it’s just that they’ve becoming a little more discerning on when those moments surface. The nose-bleed guitar solo on ‘Private Number’ is no less powerful for how brief it is. In fact, these carefully orchestrated freak outs are made even more affecting for their rarity. But if you prefer the rambling tendencies of old, fear not, the boys still have a couple of tasty treats for you. Album closer ‘The Diamond Ray’ will keep you guessing from the moment it begins all the way to its piano-punctuated conclusion.


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