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Album Review
Supervillains RMC EP

Supervillains RMC EP
by Supervillains RMC


Review Date
23rd September 2013
Reviewed by
Hayden Pyke

Supervillains RMC are a hip hop collective from Auckland and not a comic book nemesis - although with their prowess with the microphone and those Zoro masks, they could moonlight as both. This multi-vocalist stronghold recently released a self-titled debut EP that sees each member display their lyrical wizardry.

Opening track ‘Over and Out’ sees the full range of hip hop vocal styles, from gritty openings, swift and melodic second offering to the drawl of a relaxed pro to finish. Each lyricist dances around similar themes with the others supporting on the punch lines like expert hype men. Second number, ‘Durham Lane’, may be the high point of the EP. This is less due to any particular member staring, but because each vocalist utilises the bright and buoyant beat as a springboard to dive into their ever confident flow.

There is a little street bravado caught up in the lyrics in parts and unfortunately they don’t come with the unique kiwi flavour that the likes of Mareko oozes. With their influences firmly grounded in American rap this is not surprising, but less hackneyed American references would allow the lads to come out from behind their masks and make a genuine New Zealand hip hop album.


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