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Album Review

by Glasser

True Panther Sounds

Review Date
1st October 2013
Reviewed by
Martyn Pepperell

The music Los Angeles' Cameron Mesirow creates as Glasser places a premium on texture and tone. Literate and considered, while there is a genuine writerly craft to the arts informed Alt RnB songs she has become known for, what hangs the longest in the mind after listening is the asymmetrical rhythms and unconventional melodic lines that factor heavily into her sound. While these elements can be read as avant-garde when written down, by virtue of her deft understanding of pop music, and her impressive technical and emotive skills as a singer, Meirow corrals these ever moving parts into something interesting and accessible.

While her 2010 album Ring set out the template for above, with Interiors, she refines and polishes her working pieces. In the process she constructs a series of huge citadels of sound. They're compositions that speak to the duality of urban metropolises. Sky-high and impersonal towers filled to the brim with equally hulking, yet often invisible personal secrets and stories. 'Landscape' juxtaposes vocal trickery with earworm synthesisers and reverberating nocturnal soul. 'Window i' 'Window ii' and Window iii' offer short glimpses into impossible worlds. 'Keam Theme' pushes torch song intensity through log drum fills and 4x4 techno grooves.


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