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Album Review


Columbia/Sony Music

Review Date
22nd October 2013
Reviewed by
Max Walker

The self-titled third outing by MGMT sees the band produce another ear twisting piece of work following the critically divisive Congratulations - an album that saw many listeners label the band as self-sabotaging and pretentious. While the former statement may be true to certain point, MGMT sees the duo start to make sense of their status, and to some degree, themselves.

Whereas debut Oracular Spectacular was a hook-laden anthem fest, the new record tempers their madcap antics of the second record with real song structures. Opener ‘Alien Days’ is no ‘Kids’ but after a couple of listens the song somehow transforms into a jaunty pop number. Other highlights include ‘Mystery Disease’, which is reminiscent of mentors’ The Flaming Lips darker work. ‘Astro-Mancy’ features a hushed vocal over programmed synths and drum machines that sounds as if the two are stuck in a racing car listening to the more tripped parts of John Lennon’s back catalogue.

Although songs like ‘Plenty Of Girls In The Sea’ and ‘Introspection’ are somewhat throwaway, the majority of the album sounds like MGMT doing what they want, rather than what they feel they should, which can only be a good thing.


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