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Album Review
Armed Courage

Armed Courage
by The Dead C

Ba Da Bing Records

Review Date
22nd October 2013
Reviewed by
Nich Cunningham

With a career spanning twenty-seven years and fourteen albums, the Dead C have carved themselves a unique and enviable niche locally and abroad. Likewise, their sound is immediately identifiable and compelling. It compels some to immediately leave but others are drawn to it like the proverbial moth. Armed Courage, their fourth album for New Jersey's Ba Da Bing label, is the latest installment in their consistently inspired catalogue.

Armed Courage consists of two massive twenty-something minute tracks. ‘Armed' finds the Dead C in familiar territory reminiscent of 'Outside': it is a dense guitar driven number albeit with few of the identifiable 'song' elements present in the later. The second part 'Courage' presents an interesting contrast. It is sparse and minimal by comparison while also employing a greater variety of instrumentation and electronic manipulation. The recordings afford greater clarity than much of the Dead C's earlier work allowing the listener to enjoy the finer details of the performance.

The Dead C are frequently over-analyzed, as if their music requires an elaborate excuse. But they fulfill the only important criteria: they sound great. Armed Courage is a worthy addition to their legacy and ultimately, that is all that matters.


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