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Album Review
Seeds of Orbit EP

Seeds of Orbit EP
by Seeds of Orbit

Powertool Records

Review Date
4th March 2014
Reviewed by
Ricardo Kerr

Are you ready for Seeds of Orbit because this fuzzed out trio are ready for you. The leader of this bizarre carnival goes by the name of Mark Petersound, better known as Mark Peterson (ex-Straightjacket Fits). Along with Bridgette Bowie and Marty Doo he weaves a molten tapestry of retro psychedelics with muscular rock undercurrent, fit for even the seediest of punters.

If the name of the band wasn't enough to tip you off on what sort of trip you are about to embark on then opening track 'Makeup of Moments' will clue you in the rest of the way. They hit on a spaced out groove early and hold on with a death grip. There might not be any lava lamps or bead curtains in sight but there is no denying that Seeds of Orbit are the genuine article.

The EP ends with one final blowout, 'I Stoner'. All pretence is thrown out the window and the band set in for one last heady jam, thick with heavy metal histrionics. Flowers in their hair? Not a chance, but there are enough amp stacks to trigger Monster Magnet-sized acid flashbacks. The trip is only short this time around but it whets the appetite well for future endeavours.


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