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Miller Yule

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Miller's EP Shoot me in the Heart debuted at #4 in the NZ Albums chart. Languorous melodies invoke the heart-tugging music of Ryan Adams, whilst the recordings perfectly capture Miller’s beguiling voice and note-perfect playing. His songs display a marked level of maturity that belies his years.

Talented, driven, hungry, an accomplished multi-instrumentalist and performer, Miller can already find his way, very nicely, around a recording studio and know what is going on and how to get music recorded.

Having first picked up drums before expanding to multiple instruments, Miller maintains “I am first and foremost a singer-songwriter - with a set of drumsticks in my back pocket. I love my live shows to swing between getting a room so quiet you can hear my pick cross every string through one track, to seeing that same crowd bust out the energy inside a completely different groove or song they are just getting to know”.