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The Wine Cellar: On Tick, Glass Shards And Bittercup

Tour Information
Join us for a night of music and drag!

Our wonderful MC for the night, Monty Montgomery is the in-between of the sacred and profane. A drag clown whom exists in the underground of Karangahape roads queer scene is always ready to confuse and arouse.

Glass Shards is the bleeding ears after a concert. Glass Shards is the ringing in the back of your skull after a skull fracture. Glass Shards is life.

He's frail like a buttercup, but he's not happy about it.
Bittercup is intense, dark and unpleasant. Like a good coffee. It is the personal catharsis machine of Callum Wagstaff. He hates himself and has found people enjoy the fruits of his shameful confessions, related in sweet serenades, fervid outbursts and rarely anything in between.

On Tick, just like everything in life. We are a two piece band from Auckland belting out heavy tunes for your pleasure!

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