Here Comes The Swamp Goblin

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“HERE COMES THE SWAMP GOBLIN” 06/03/2020 - $10 UTR (Limited Doors)

“Here Comes The Swamp Goblin” - They say, deep in the misty swamps of Aro Valley, there lives a Swamp Goblin. Once a year, on the first Friday of March, the Swamp Goblin comes out of their hiding, and demands a sacrifice. A musical sacrifice, that the four gnarliest, sludgy bands around the most southern city in the world (Sorry, Christchurch and Dunedin don’t count) come together, and play the sickest sets they have ever played. This annual event has been hidden to the masses for decades, until now - when the Swamp Goblin realized he doesn't have any real friends - and also has a taste for VB export. What could go wrong?

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DODGE VIPERS: Experimental Slow-core Space-Rockers DODGE VIPER will turn your eardrums inside out with their other-worldly, rumbling musical vibrations. This band is OFF-THE-LINE as the kids say, so if you want to hear them, it’s now or never.

PLANET HUNTER: Coming off of their Debut Self-Titled EP release in 2019 - PLANET HUNTER mixes Stoner, Doom metal influences with a sleek, stylish sound, reminiscent of Queens of the Stone Age, or Melvins. There has never been a band made more for live shows - and will be sure to spin a few more than a few heads.

TERESA THE RAT: TERESA THE RAT is as punk as you can get. Featuring Highly charged vocals from Wellington’s own Georgie Kirton (Or “Lil G”) mixed with Virtuoso bass playing from ol’ mate Marcus Laurence, and precise, sharp drumming from Liam Madgwick - This is the Wellington city art-punk three piece we’ve all been waiting for.

SNOT ROCKETS: These guys will melt your face off if you’re not careful enough. With a Napier guitar, bass and drum trio - honing back to the glory days of Napier punk in the mid 2010’s, and Roxy Leppan, Wellington’s own Queen of the Rave Scene, foraying into the Punk world (really fucking well, actually) - they probably invented the word “Rark” and they will Rark indeed.

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