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Bad Hagrid | Sog | Sofia Machray

Tour Information
So, Bad Hagrid finally made it out of lockdown, surprise surprise. Bad Hagrid somehow came out of it with some new friends, an album, and an even longer beard. How? He doesn't even know.

This show here is the first show since the debut album Bad Hagrid and The Planets of The Androgynites - Released during lockdown (well-done aunty Cindy).

I've missed you all yer wee friends. I hope you all are misbehavin after this lockdown thing. Hope yerr all safe as a spider in 'er burrow. Come down and whip the beard.
- Bad Hagrid


@SOG is a disgustingly fun act that tears up the indie-grunge sound and throws it back at you in their own style. They mix the Poneke Punk with the sweet guitar jangle of a classic naughties Indie sound, Bad Hagrid likey. SOG brings you the finest of the fine when it comes to closing a show strong and making you dance your little ass off. Currently on the @Radio Active top 11, SOG are pure untampered bliss.


@Sofia Machray is an electric master of the Singer-Songwriter gone rogue. She bangs some Indie-Pop out into the atmosphere and people come running to hear. Her debut single Handstands gives you summer on a rainy day and makes Bad Hagrid want to dance with the daisies. Currently number 1 on @RadioOne down in Dunedin and climbing the SRN top 10, Sofia Machray is unmatched in her sonic field.


Doors: 8:00
Sofia Machray: 8:30
Bad Hagrid: 9:00
SOG: 10:00

$10 Earlybird
$15 General Pre-sale
$20 Door Sales

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