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Yes. It's Another Big One! [Bad Hagrid and Friends]

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TIt’s another Wednesday with Numbskull, and we’ve got what could be our best line-up to date for you. Featuring 5 of Wellington’s hottest young bands, get down, sip some of that delicious Valhalla beer and let’s get boogying x

Bad Hagrid is the virtuosic psychedelic fun Wellington has come to love! Big tunes, big energy and big vibes, these are the guys everyone loves to party to. Their legendary tunes are sure to blow you away!

The Shelves have made some of the gnarliest riffs and best tunes in Wellington city this year. With a style and mood sure to get you down to some excellent dancing - you don’t wanna miss these beauties.

Floral Shirt are the weirdo cousins of Macho Macho that make some of the most interesting and stylistic sounds Numbskull has ever heard. Their first gig in a hot minute, the minute is sure to be hot - these 2 clean-cut cuties are not to be missed.

King Fish are quickly becoming one of the most recognisable groups in all of Wellington. With jangly pop tunes and excellent on stage bants - they’ll be sure to catch you at JJ’s post gig.

Oh Dwayno are newcomers to the Wellington scene, but with tunes similar to Arctic Monkeys and a certain swagger to their strut, I’m sure these guys will not disappoint. In fact - the contrary, they’ll blow your goddamn socks off.

So get down here - it’ll be a big one, and beautiful at that. Enjoy!

Thanks to George Naylor for the poster art - what a legend aye?

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