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Departure Party, The Fatalities And Sdw

Tour Information
Hey Palmy!!

Departure Party & The Fatalities are coming up to you from Wellington & our good friend SDW are coming to join us from Fielding for one night of hard out emotive good feels!!

Departure Party is a folk/punk emo band who thrive on upbeat music with cynical lyrics and backhanded jokes, vibrant and in your face ready to party like every day was a funeral.

The Fatalities heartfelt intimate music with a dance element, if the Morrissey & Vampire Weekend had a baby together The Fatalities would be that love child, absolute bangers all around!!

SDW the solo visionary of fielding, the songwriter & frontman of great hardcore and emo bands such as Churlington & Polaroids Of Polarbears is here with his solo set SDW, heck if you haven't seen any of these acts you are missing out!! but do not miss out on your chance to see him live!!