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Silver Surfer Fictional Characters Tour

Tour Information
Labour weekend Saturday 24th:
Silver Surfer, Threat Meet Protocol, Koizilla, Coin Laundry.
Brighton Rugby Club,
Tix @ and on the door.
A powerhouse night of coastal rockin tunes from N.Z hottest underground bands,
Silver Surfer bring their wild styles n Raglan west coast rhythms to the deep south with their fictional characters E.P release tour, Lead by the charismatic searing guitarist Rheed Beaver Land catch N.Z hottest new actin their first foray to the deep south,... combining with tauranga's Threat Meet Protocol who are one of N.Z's hardest working bands with amazing stage presence an a show you have not experienced the like of before! Joining the North Island duo, are Dunedin local act Koizilla and Coin Laundry, what a coastal disturbance Brighton is in for, a SONIC TSUNAMI ,... life jacket not included but good times compulsary!!
get down at Brighton Rugby club n see four on N.Zs finest