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Die Musikband w/ Tough Guy And Haszari

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The Crown Hotel, Dunedin Fri, Dec 4 Buy

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Elements of the kind of melodic and sonic playfulness of Kraftwerk and Harmonia with a bit of Dunedin wild yeast. - Pop Lib

Dunedin sonic-krautrock four-piece Die Musikband (pronounced ‘Dee Moo-seek-band’), invite you to lose yourself in motorik grooves and pulsing synth-rock jams for a night.

Experience for yourself the dance-inducing instrumentals that have been luring in punters to legendary Dunners night spots The Crown, The Cook and Bark. (Note: If standing at the back nursing a pint is more your style, that works too).

Die Musikband bring some history to the table - from early Flying Nun-era legends to contemporary recording and touring acts. Drummer Jeff Harford (Bored Games, The Rip, My Deviant Daughter, The Broken Heartbreakers) is joined by guitarist John Guy Howell (Salon Kingsadore, The Broken Heartbreakers), bassist Karen McLean (Onanon) and synth player Alex Gilks.

Debut 5-track E.P. Erste Musik, available now as a free download from Bandcamp, is a tasty sampler of Die Musikband’s oeuvre. The recordings were engineered by Operation Rolling Thunder’s Rob Falconer and mixed by Howell.

In support:

Tawhai Huriwai, AKA Tough Guy, is a Dunedin based solo artist who uses loop pedals, guitar, vocals, and drum machines to create melancholy melodies about love, life and loss.

Haszari is his name. Electronica is his game: A filtered square-wave bassline, a sample from the Sopranos, and an unsettled beat walk into a bar. Haszari seized them later that night, when they left the bar – a bit jumbled, feeling disoriented from too much delay. When they were finally released, they were unrecognisable.

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The Crown Hotel, Dunedin Fri, Dec 4 Buy