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Witness the depravity as we unleash a night of blast beats and riffs to celebrate the musicianship of some of NZ's best bands in the Death metal and grind scenes.

Devastating brutal death metal, bringing the ruckus once again to Wellington!
Vixen Execution:
Savage death/grind spread across the country solidifying in Wellington to show us how its done!
Scorn Of Creation:
After a spell away from live gigs, these Death Metal heavyweights are back with their sophomore album ready to tear the throats out of the crowd!
Dissonant death metal from the depths of Dunedin, their Wellington Debut promises to be nothing short of incredible.
Parasitic Infestation:
Slamming brutal death metal from Auckland, these boys know how to throw down and get the crowd moving.
3 piece grind kicking the night off with a bang, come get your face torn off!

15th May
Valhalla Tavern
Doors: 7 30pm

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Valhalla, Wellington Sat, May 15 Buy