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Greg Malcolm Solo/Duo w/ Lucien Johnson

Tour Information
Pyramid Club is very happy to host one-man orchestra Greg Malcolm. Greg will be playing a solo set and a duo set of Steve Lacy tunes with the wonderful saxophonist Lucien Johnson.

Greg simultaneously plays three guitars with hands and feet while incorporating bells, springs,
gongs, rubber bands and more. But you would be wrong to see Greg's multi-limbed performances as a novelty act. His music has a deep, subtle flavours, grounded in a rich melodic world. Inspired by folk music as well as great jazz composers such as Steve Lacy and Eric Dolphy, it's all underpinned by Greg’s very individual surrealism.

Lucien Johnson is a saxophonist and composer hailing from Pukerua Bay. He met Greg when Greg was touring in Paris and offered him a place to stay and a bowl of warm gruel. They discovered a shared affinity for Steve Lacy's music.