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Concert For Andrew Speir

Tour Information
Derek Lind and the Speir Parts
A rare opportunity to see and hear in excess of 100 collective year's experience of living musical history and remarkable talent from one family and a respected colleague.

Derek Lind is joining Dougal, Andrew and Colin Speir and will perform an opening set at the Concert so be early!!

Dougal Speir has been a recognized performer for decades in the Wellington region and is a highly respected bluesman. He's making the trip North to support his nephew Andrew.

Andrew gigged for several years in a band called Glory Sea. While in the band they recorded two EP CD's. His musical versatility allowed him to step in on Guitar, Bass, Keyboards or Drums.

Derek Lind is well recognised as a singer and songwriter performing on stage nationally and internationally. If Derek's songs were to be called pictures... every picture tells a story.

It has been said the whole is greater than the some of the parts, that may be true but the parts here are pretty good even on their own!!

Raylee Bradfield and Renee Cosio

Raylee Bradfield is originally from farming country in South Otago. Her haunting melodies combine with poetic lyrics drawn from seasons of adversity, continuing faith and the ability to put herself in the shoes of others. Inspired by the likes of Gillian Welch, Patty Griffin, Ryan Adams and Mavis Staples. While Raylee has 2 EPs under her belt, 2019 saw the release of her debut album Where Wildflowers Grow, a culmination of songs examining the complex facets of the human condition through hardship, rescue and new beginnings.

Raylee will be joined by fellow musician Renee Cosio to bring added harmonies and instrumentation. Both these ladies have utilized their formal studies and training to offer a captivating performance, not to be missed.


Raylee's music can be found on Spotify, Apple Music and other leading digital platforms.

Bluegrass & Beyond

When Bluegrass & Beyond go to play bluegrass, there can be a little mission creep out past the historically accurate Bill Monroe genre

The authentic bluegrass is there alright, it’s just that other stuff somehow sneaks in, like the bluegrassifcation of 60s songs, or genuine Cameron Bennett originals which have a flair for capturing stories in a way that is both genuine Americana bluegrass and somehow could only be Kiwi. Throw in some 3 part harmony and Colin Speir’s flat pick guitar and rag-time guitar plus his work on 5 String Banjo - there’s a lot goin’ on...

John Olding – guitar, lead vocal, Colin Speir – guitar, banjo, BV’s, Cameron Bennett – dobro, vocals and BV’s, Pete Parnham – bass fiddle, BV’s.

The Northern Outpost

The Northern Outpost are 4 seasoned musicians brought together by their common love of music that talks about life as it is.
Their sound, a fusion of their individual roots – jazz, country and rock – provides an exquisite backdrop for the song writing craft of lead singer Grant Marshall.

Formed in late 2016, The Northern Outpost have completed recording their debut EP and a series of live performances at clubs and festivals.

The Northern Outpost bring a freshness and energy that begs comparisons with the “The Lone Bellow” and the close harmonies
of “Iron and Wine”.

A band not to be missed.