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FOTA + M8s Jam The Musos Club

Tour Information
Look at us being all fancy using UTR

Manukonga Events presents FOTA noising up the club with our mates

Dirty geeg at The Southland Musicians Club, you know the drill

With support from friend music peeps who all sound nothing like each other...

Russian Blue
Person Will

$10 or $5 unwaged or Unaz

Us (FOTA) play loud music, we're from Invercargill and have guitars, 'nuff said really ..... Here's a link to our EP, download it if ye want, tis free

There'll be doors sales too. $5 for unwaged/students or if coin is tight at the moment for ya just chat respectfully do the door technician and see what arrangement yas can come up with, we understand

How cool is actually buying a ticket for a gig at The Musos though? Makes you instantly 3x more attractive than you already is and Trev is a king, pours a killer raz coke too!

Don't be a dick and watch out for each other please

See you there ?