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Once You Know, Vorn And Moonlander

Tour Information
Once you know - Jordan Stewart (Solo Ono), Gareth Thompson Darling (Uncle Silverback) Rohan Hill (Diving), Ethan Mckenzie and Thomas Friggins (Sheeps, Sea Mouse) - have recently finished recording an Ep and are excited to return to Moon.

Vorn is - Vorn Colgan playing bass, guitar and keys while singing - a spectacle in itself. He is supported by Thomas Liggett on the Electric Violin, producing sounds ranging from the sublimely delicate to the other-worldly, and Nick Brown on drums, who holds the whole thing together with metronomic precision.

Moon Lander - Wellington psych-pop band. Founded by Anthony Lander and featuring Logan Valentine on guitar, Oli Bridgman on drums and Penelope Esplin on keys and backing vocals.