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Candice Milner And Band - Album Release w/ Mousey and Adam Hattaway

Tour Information
Candice Milner is a local indie-folk songwriter hailing from the port town of Lyttelton. Exploring semi-sarcastic topics of heartbreak, ambition and shattering dreams – Candice Milner’s ‘Depressional Season’ is being released June 18th. Featuring singles ‘Kyeburn Claims’ and ‘Watercooler Gossip’, this album is being performed live at Blue Smoke in Christchurch alongside Milner’s band just in time for winter.

Candice released 'Evergreen’ at the age of 18. This gained Candice a spot as a finalist for the Tui 'Best Folk Artist of 2018', after her national tour of New Zealand. Since the debut album, Candice has taken her guitar, angelic melodies and raw lyrics all over the world, sharing her organic gothic folk sound. Candice’s North America tour commenced in 2018, and has since been working on her highly anticipated sophomore album.

She showcases a strong range of sound and emotion, with some songs sombre and simple, reminiscent of Tiny Ruins and others more like Bannerman with fuller arrangements and bigger, catchier choruses. - NZ Musician Magazine

“Frequently evoking the thread of spiritual and romantic Anglofolk, Milner's spare acoustic melodies are enhanced by striking arrangements for strings and a “choir” of backing vocalists with her confident and clear voice at the centre of the frame.” –

Doors open at 6:30pm

Show starts 7pm