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Daniel Armstrong & The Monsoons 'Album Launch'

Tour Information
We would like to invite you all to join us as we perform our new album 'Everything is as it shouldn't be'. We will be playing the album in full back to front with a few surprises added to the mix. The album will be released digitally on June 11th so you have time to learn all the words.

Support from local up and comers 'Wrong things', we sure are going to have a swell time

Daniel Armstrong & The Monsoons are proud to share their new single, ‘Shut Up For a Minute’, a refreshingly tongue-in-cheek track accompanied by a whimsically playful official video directed by Matt Diesch.

In a possibly unintentional nod to 90’s-does-70’s bands like The Flaming Lips, Daniel Armstrong & The Monsoons offer up something completely distinctive here, with vocals that aren’t afraid to celebrate their fragility, but there’s a controlled and powerful beauty
behind them that backs up the very bones of what ‘Shut Up For a Minute’ is all about. Penned during lockdown 2020, at the peak of society feeling extremely hard done by, front-man Daniel had had enough.

Speaking of the inspiration behind the track he says, “I wrote this during the first lockdown, I was amazed at the growing number of people complaining about their life in New Zealand, and the media scare mongering that contributed to the fear, when it turned out we were and are by far the luckiest people in the world. We just needed a little perspective”.

The sepia-toned official video is the perfect offset to a song that is anthem-like in the most indie, down-to-earth way possible, mischievously poking fun of itself and mirroring the lyrics as they go by with a green-screen backdrop as band members flail in various costumes in the background. But none of this takes away from what at the very core here is some fantastic musicianship, talented songwriting, and noteworthy execution.
A lot has changed in the life of London-born indie songwriter Daniel Armstrong since the birth of his last record, “new and old love, a new baby, betrayal, severed fingers, forgiveness and revenge”, and this indeed has been reflected in his new album, Everything Is As It Shouldn’t Be, due for release in June 2021.
The album takes inspiration from Dylan, Talking Heads, Claude Debussy, Velvet Underground, Radiohead, Nina Simone, Mina, Christopher Hitchens, Daniel Quinn to mention a few. The live shows thus far have been unpredictable. You may can expect a calm string arrangement around Armstrong’s vocals, or an angry, energetic burst live show to a backdrop of 1930 film.