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Melissa And The Dr Play Kakanui

Tour Information
Melissa & The Dr (Melissa Partridge and Hyram Twang) are heading north for a couple shows stopping first in the seaside town of Kakanui for old style show with a light supper break between sets. Come on out for a listen, a dance, a cuppa and a scone!

Melissa & The Dr's music is firmly rooted in the country tradition, taking songs from Jimmy Rodgers to Dolly Parton, Hank Williams to Donna Dean and making them their own. Melissa sings with a pure and natural voice without affectation accompanied by The Dr’s sensitive-yet-tough guitar, mandolin and vocals.

Here’s what their fans say: “Melissa's voice never ceases to amaze me.” “You guys were on fire last night!” “Both of you were so in synch that it was a joy to be there." “Loved the show. Hung on every song.”