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Women About Sound Sweet Mix Music Treats

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The Thirsty Dog, Auckland Sat, Jun 26 Buy

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Women about Sound present a sweet mix of music treats with the talented:

Sarah Eve: Ranging from ballads to pop centering around mental health issues

Lia Jen Ria: Music as therapy for her PTSD. Telling the story of her life as a mystic through melancholic melodies and trip hop beats.

Mema Wilda: The Mema Wilda Band cannot be boxed into a single genre. Their live set is an eclectic mix of original material covering pop, rock, jazz, new wave, English folk and Celtic soul with a smattering of funky covers just for good measure

Venom Dolls: An all-female indie punk band with a no-fucks-given attitude and a killer sound.

Women About Sound aims to encourage the development of a thriving diverse music community for cis and trans women and gender diverse musicians in New Zealand

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The Thirsty Dog, Auckland Sat, Jun 26 Buy